We read some fantastic books in 2015. Putting our lists together was agonizing. None of us could decide on just one top read, so we all ended up with two books on the red carpet for our top read. No judgies! Our spotlight books round out our top 4 reads. Or top 3, really. The rest of our picks are in random order because each book had something special that appealed to a part of us and it was impossible to number them. We hope you pick all, or at least some, of these books up and love them as much as we did! We’re excited to see what reading journey 2016 takes us on! Happy New Year! And thank you to all of these amazing authors who took us on journeys that will stay with us for a lifetime!

Ang's Top Reads



You guys. I seriously went back and forth about my number 1 top read of the year. I knew without a doubt that it would be Priest or After Dark. But how can you choose between two books that you loved so much? In the end, I couldn’t. They both mean different things to me and both deserve the top spot.

Priest by Sierra Simone. This was the first erotica I’ve read in a long time that knocked me on my ass. It was just more. Everything was filthier, dirtier, more erotic, and more taboo. Apart from all the hot sex, Father Bell and Poppy’s love story is beautiful. I love it, and don’t think I’ll ever have the words to express how much.

After Dark by M. Pierce. This trilogy has changed my life. Quite literally. I’ve met so many wonderful people through Night Owl and wouldn’t be blogging if it weren’t for this series. This conclusion to a beloved trilogy had it all. Passion, jealousy, love, and, of course, hot and filthy sex. It made my cold black heart crack wide open. The way M. Pierce captures Matt and Hannah’s love story will stay with me. Always.

Finding Eden by Kele Moon. This book is part of the Eden series, and I absolutely love it. I actually put this series on my list last year because that’s when I initially read it but the author was able to get back her rights to the series and revamped it a bit and republished this year. I was giddy! Shiny new covers! I had to go back and reread Finding Eden and Beyond Eden this year. This is a beautiful, raw, passionate love story between 3 best friends (m/m/f). This series is easily in my top 5 all-time favorite series ever. If you haven’t yet, you need to meet Danny Carlow, the hottest dom on the planet!

Some Sort of Crazy by Melanie Harlow. It’s no secret that I love Melanie Harlow! I’ve been blessed to be an early reader and proofreader for Mel since she published Frenched. It’s one of my very favorite things to come from this book world and I’m in awe at how each and every book she puts out gets better and better. Natalie and Miles rocked my world. It was a delicious romance with some seriously hot sex and it made me laugh out loud several times. I love this book and you will too!

Buy Links

Priest, Sierra Simone
After Dark, M. Pierce
Finding Eden, Kele Moon
Some Sort of Crazy, Melanie Harlow
Midnight Mass, Sierra Simone
Dirty Proof, Jade Eby
First Touch, Laurelin Paige
Spencer, Kerry Heavens
Some Sort of Happy, Melanie Harlow
Nine Minutes, Beth Flynn
Dissident, Cecilia London
The Wolves That Live in Skin and Space, Danny Wylde
Slayer, Kele Moon
The Hand That Feeds You, A.J. Rich
Crossroads, Riley Hart
Flirting with Scandal, Chanel Cleeton

Candi's Top Reads



First Touch- Dark. Dirty. Hot as fuck. Perfection. This book literally blew me away. Prepare for a wild ride with this one!!

After Dark- M. Pierce never fails to shock me. The writing, the twist and turns, good lord the sexiness. M also never fails into giving it to us good!

Priest- Holy hell *lettucepray!!! Father Bell will have you running to confession and on your knees praying for penance! Alls I have to say is to READ THIS BOOK!!!!

Some Sort Of Happy- Sometimes in life, you come across a book that literally just moves you and knocks you on your ass. The storyline, good god the writing. Sebastian. This book is one that I still can’t stop thinking about. And IMO, Melanie Harlow’s best book yet. It’s amazing, brilliant, and powerful. Read it!!

Buy Links

First Touch by Laurelin Paige
After Dark by M. Pierce
Some Sort of Happy by Melanie Harlow
Priest by Sierra Simone
Beautiful Burn by Adriane Leigh
Big Rock by Lauren Blakely
Brando by JD Hawkins
Camgirl by Leah Raeder
Dirty Billionaire by Meghan March
Forever Red by Carina Adams
His Pawn by Willa Thorn
Spencer by Kerry Heavens
Tempting by Alex Lucian
The Hotel series by Lola Darling
The Scene series by Roxy Sloan
Three Little Mistakes by Nikki Sloane

Paula's Top Reads



There’s something indescribable about what pushes a book into the top spot for me. I love a lot of books I read but there are rare books that go beyond that. It’s more than just loving it. It’s a bond that forms between me and the words on the page.

Two books owned me this year and I couldn’t pick one over the other, so they are sharing my number one spot.

The two books that crawled inside my skin this year and took up a permanent residence in that sacred spot I reserve for my absolute favorites are…

Tempting, Alex Lucian- Wow. This book. This writing. This story. It was everything. I never thought a book would compete with After Dark for my top spot. But compete it did. So much so, I couldn’t choose between them! So I didn’t! It was a phenomenal debut that was more than just taboo student/professor erotica. These flawed characters and their unconventional love story consumed me. The writing style of this author appealed to my senses on every level and I knew immediately I was reading something that was going to leave a lasting impression on me. I just got an ache in my chest thinking about certain parts! This author has serious talent and the cover looks so pretty next to After Dark!

After Dark, M. Pierce- When I picked my top reads there was no doubt After Dark was going at the top. This conclusion to the Night Owl Trilogy made me feel weepy for weeks. If there is such a thing as perfection, this is it. M. Pierce writes like no other. It haunts me. You have to experience it to understand what I mean. M. Pierce made me laugh, made me cry, yanked my heart out, toyed with it, and gave me an epic love story I will never forget. I feel like crying now just thinking about the ending! See? That’s how this book affects me.

Rounding out my top 4 (or top 3, really) are…

Camgirl, Leah Raeder- I was blown away by the imagery in Camgirl. And the love story. And everything about it, really. This book had me theorizing until my brain hurt. It was mesmerizing and had my emotions all over the place. Leah Raeder astounded me with her brilliance and Camgirl came oh so close to being in that number one spot.

Some Sort of Happy, Melanie Harlow- After all of the darkness, I thought I could count on Melanie to lighten things up. Then she went and gutted me with Some Sort of Happy and Sebastian. I had this outlandish protective instinct kick in over Sebastian. I didn’t just want him to be happy, I needed him to be happy. This book had my heart feeling like it was in a vice at times but it was balanced with humor and sexiness and I will never forget it.

Buy Links

Tempting, Alex Lucian
After Dark, M. Pierce
Some Sort of Happy, Melanie Harlow
Camgirl, Leah Raeder
You, Carolyn Kepnes
Marrow, Tarryn Fisher
Mud Vein, Tarryn Fisher
Nocte, Courtney Cole
Verum, Courtney Cole
Dirty Proof, Jade Eby
Priest, Sierra Simone
Midnight Mass, Sierra Simone
The Seduction of Molly O’Flaherty
First Touch, Laurelin Paige
Some Sort of Crazy, Melanie Harlow
Spencer, Kerry Heavens