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I sell sex, sin, and pleasure, but it isn’t just my business, it’s my entire life. I get off on the power of controlling it all.

She’s the one woman I can’t have.

She threatens everything, and yet I can’t stay away. There’s a beautiful, sexual creature inside this timid girl that’s desperate to claw its way out. I’m going to set it free, even if it brings my empire tumbling down.

I have to believe she’ll be worth all the little mistakes I’ve made.

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Candi's Review

OMG OMG OMG!!! HOTTEST BOOK I’ve ever read!! BUY IT NOW!! Ok. That’s my review! Haha, I kid I kid. Seriously though, that is what it comes down to. Buy this book now. If I could give a book 6 stars, I would.

This book will bring you so much ecstasy and pleasure!! Confession…I was VERY turned on while reading this!! I guarantee you will be too! If not, well…I’m sorry. It will have you living out all those secret, dirty, naughty fantasies. You may even find yourself suggesting a few ideas to your significant other.

Another thing I love is that each book in this series can be read as a stand alone. Though I do highly suggest reading Three Simple Rules and Three Hard Lessons. They are just as hot and amazing too!!

In Three Little Mistakes, we meet Joseph, who we first met in Book 1. Now we get to know him a little bit more. I was intrigued by this man right from the get go. I was extremely happy to find he was getting his own story!!

Joseph is the owner of The Blindfold Club, fronted as a wine bar. This club holds Chicago’s most elite, powerful, and rich men. It’s a place where they come to get some extra loving, play out some fantasies…all at a very high price. The woman that work here are the most beautiful and most desired. They are also paid extremely well. Joseph is a very controlling man, powerful, demanding, and sexy as hell!! He doesn’t do love and is a bit of a mystery. Until he meets Noemi Rosso. And his world flips upside down. Noemi is the virginal type. Conservative, innocent, the good girl, a daddy’s girl and has never had an orgasm with a man. Until she meets Joseph Monsato. He rocks her world, shakes it up, and makes her come (many, many times) to terms with who she really wants to be. He not only taught her new and foreign things, but she taught him as well. And when they come together (no pun intended) there is no stopping them. Except maybe the the secrets that he is keeping from Noemi. Huge, BIG BIG secrets. The kind that can destroy a person. What will happen when she finally learns of all these secrets surrounding her. You will just have to read to find out!!!!!

I would just like to say that this was one of the hottest, dirtiest, kinkiest, naughtiest, left-hand worthy, scorching books that I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. And besides all that greatness, there is a fabulous storyline. One that will have you turning the pages late into the night. Because you just can’t put it down! With each book in this series, I would think “How can Nikki top THAT?!?! There’s no way!!” But then my thoughts are silenced. Because each and every book in this series is FANFUCKINGTASTIC and wickedly delicious. Nikki’s writing is some of the best that I’ve seen. She brought out my inner whore with this book!! Haha!! She will have you feeling things all over the place. She will leave you a squirming, panting, drooling hot mess!!

Nikki Sloane. I love you. You are my hero. And I CAN’T WAIT to see what you bring us next!!!!

5 Stars

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About the Author

NIKKI SLOANE landed in graphic design after her careers as a waitress, a screenwriter, and a ballroom dance instructor fell through. For eight years she worked for a design firm in that extremely tall, black, and tiered building in Chicago that went through an unfortunate name change during her time there. Now she lives in Kentucky and manages a team of graphic artists. She is married and has two sons, writes dirty books, and couldn’t be any happier.

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