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Yorkshire, 1879

I am alone…

When Ivy Leavold is left destitute by her brother’s death, she is taken in by her cousin’s brooding, tortured widower—Julian Markham. Handsome and possessive, it’s not long before Ivy falls for him. But Mr. Markham has dark secrets, secrets that may put Ivy in danger…

I am afraid…

As Ivy unravels the mystery surrounding her cousin’s death, she falls deeper and deeper in love with Julian, who opens her body and her mind to his indomitable will. But even as he draws pleasure and desire from her night after night, Ivy can’t shake the feeling that their passionate affair may end in violence…

And I’m completely his.

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Book Two: The Education of Ivy Leavold

Book Three: The Punishment of Ivy Leavold

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Paula's Review

I’ve had a severe case of book ADD lately, unable to focus long enough to get past the first few chapters of a book. Sometimes when things aren’t working out you have to try something different. So, I went completely to a different genre–Historical Erotica. I haven’t read a historical romance in a very long time; turns out this was just what I needed! As I was reading I suddenly remembered all my fantasies of… Well that’s for another time. If you’re thinking “Historical?”…Don’t. Good stories and writing are timeless, and if you’re nervous about that, this reads almost like a contemporary.

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“Cock. Cunt. Fuck.” <–See! They were scandalous in the 1800’s! I want to live there with Julian–the clothes, the language, the filthy sex, the beautiful imagery Sierra Simone painted; as long as I wasn’t a servant I would totally do it.

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What’s it about? Well, Ivy Leavold is a young virginal woman who, through circumstance, is forced to take residence with a man she’s never met. Julian Markham. That’s the way things worked in the 1800’s; women didn’t have much say in their own lives. Luckily for Ivy, Julian is smokin hot. He also likes to play games that had me thinking of converting my living room into a parlor. Ivy is entranced by him and I can’t say as I blame her; she is ready and willing to give it up, but he has to be difficult. He’s domineering, sensual, and has that special quality that draws me in–a dirty mouth. Julian is twice widowed and that’s where the mystery came in. I love doubting characters and Sierra Simone did a great job of giving all the side characters just enough suspicion to make me suspect EVERYONE. I have no clue who did it! This is a novella but packed just as much punch as a full length novel. The writing was excellent and moved quickly; I practically finished it in one sitting. It was that good. I’m so happy I picked this up and can’t wait to see where book two takes me. (Pleeeease take me back to the parlor!)

5 Stars

Candi's Review

I first have to give a HUGE thank you to the very lovely and brilliant author, Laurelin Paige, for sending me this book late one night. I received this book a little after midnight and forced myself to turn my phone off at 2am. I was instantly sucked in before the first chapter ended. Laurelin told me it was a historical romance. I was a little skeptical at first. I’ve never read anything in this genre. Ever!! Those historical type books always intimidated me. With their big fancy words. But, Laurelin promised it was smoking hot and I would love!! I will never ever doubt you again, Lady!!!

This story takes place in 1879 in Yorkshire, England. Ivy Leavold is a young woman who has lost her parents. And most recently, her older brother. She’s orphaned. And has no way of taking care of herself. Her home was just auctioned off due to her brothers gambling debts. So she is forced to move in with her late cousins husband. Who is recently widowed. She’s under the presumption that Mr. Julian Markham is old. The estate that is now her new home is dark, gloomy, creepy. Like all the life has been sucked out of it. Merely only showing life by the servants keeping it alive, barely. She meets these interesting characters first. The ever lovely Mrs. Brightmore (that was total sarcasm), who is just a miserable bitch..ahem..I mean housekeeper. And the sweet handsome Gareth who is Mr. Markham’s valet driver and that has other duties. Some make her feel welcomed. Some don’t. But that doesn’t bother Ivy. She’s a strong willed lady. She does what she wants and says what she wants. And I absolutely loved her!! As she’s wandering the house late at night on her own, is when she first meets the mysterious Mr. Markham. And boy is she surprised to find that he is very much young. And gorgeous and sexy and all those yummy sinful things. From the moment they meet, the sexual attraction is there. He tries to fight it. To keep the young and virginal Miss Leavold in tact. But….yeah. Not happening. So they start to get to know each other. Innocently at first. But Ivy…not so innocent. Her thoughts at least. Until, Mr. Markham decides to have friends visit and stay a few days. And this is when things get REALLY INTERESTING. Whenever I hear the word parlor, for the rest of my life, I will think of this one particular scene. Holy fucking hotness!!! Mr. Markham’s friends are very…playful, per se. And Ivy decides she wants to play too!! Are you wondering what games they play?!?! Well, you will just have to read to find out!! No spoilers here!! I wish I could just talk about the sexiness in this book for the whole review, but, there is also a mystery surrounding the death of Mr. Markham’s 2 deceased wives. Yes people. TWO DEAD WIVES!! Of course everyone suspects the husband. Even Ivy is starting to wonder. I have my own suspicions. But I will keep that to myself. And pray that I’m right!! So, in the end, Ivy is dealing with falling in love, worrying about if she fell in love with a murderer, if Mr. Markham feels the same about her…AND THEN THE ENDING!! I might of yelled at my phone, but I promise, it was a perfect cliffy!

This was my first Sierra Simone book. It will definitely not be my last. I absolutely loved her writing. She made a historical romance read like a very modern book. But, you never lost the feel of the time frame. I loved how she created all these supporting characters that all had stories of their own. Leaving you wanting to know more about them also. The sexy hotness, well…OFF THE CHARTS!! Raw, controlling, animalistic, tabbooish. Leaves you breathless. And sometimes with a book this hot, that’s basically all you get. Which is fine. But it’s also nice when you get a great storyline filled with suspense and mystery. And always leaves you trying to figure things out. This book was filled with all the great things. Not to mention, amazing writing. Miss Simone, you have a new fan and I can’t wait to dive into all your things!!! If guys haven’t 1-clicked this by now, you need to go now!! It’s a novella. The Education of Ivy Leavold will be out on February 9th!

5 Stars

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Sierra Simone is a librarian who writes unabashedly sexy books with brains, beauty and big words. She lives with her hot cop husband and family in Kansas City.

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