Midnight Mass by Sierra Simone

(Priest, 1.5)

Release Day: October 8th


We are told that God will punish the wicked.  That sinful men will reap what they sow.  We are told to scourge our souls with prayer and pain to become clean once again.

Well, here I am.  Wicked and sinful.  Desperate to become clean…even though it feels so good to be dirty.

But even I never expected what came next.

Even I never expected my punishment to come so soon.

***Midnight Mass is a novella and a sequel to Priest.  It’s intended for mature audiences only.***

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Ang's Review

Oh sweet baby jesus. Tyler and Poppy are back, you guys! My heart and my left-hand could hardly keep up!

Sierra Simone has an immeasurable gift whether she’s writing contemporary or historical, and her characters find their way into the deepest part of you. Your basest desires and thoughts can’t hide when a Simone book is in your hands because she brings every emotion to the forefront. It’s fitting she decided to write stories involving theology because reading her books is like a religious experience for me. I’d happily start a religion, or more likely a cult, to honor Ms. Simone.

Midnight Mass starts about three years after the ending of Priest. Tyler is pursuing his PhD in theological studies, and Poppy has been working towards building her dance studio and foundation. They are both exceptionally busy and the day-to-day reality of life has affected them the same way it affects all of us. There’s not enough time in the day to get their work done, let alone spend quality time together. But they are Father Bell and Poppy for fucks sake! The hottest, sexiest, most depraved couple I know. If these two can’t make it through these daily struggles then the rest of us are doomed. But like a good little lamb, I persevered and kept the faith that everything would work out. Along with their own struggles, there were outside forces and influences that kept me guessing at the path of the plot.

Tyler isn’t perfect. Shocking, I know! (Don’t worry, Tyler, you’re perfect to me.) He’s a fallible human being with the same jealousies and concerns that we all have. I love how he continually tries so hard to be a better man. And while Tyler struggles, Poppy may damn well be perfect. She’s a goddess and one of my favorite heroines of all time. Her candor and wit and compassion and general smoldering make her a bona fide leading lady.

Listen. Sometimes it’s easier to just fuck our problems away instead of talking through them … and I’m not sorry about it, but what happens when they decide it’s time to hash it out and a few rough strokes and licks from the magnificent Tyler Bell aren’t going to be enough for them? A big theme in this installment is guilt and forgiveness. Can Tyler forgive himself and Poppy for his leaving the church? What happens when you believe your religious calling is the most significant part of your life, and you feel lost without it even if you willingly gave it up to be with the woman you love? How does Poppy handle her own guilt in relation to that? Her husband gave up his clergy for her. That’s a big pill to swallow. I have so much love for these characters and their struggles.

Perhaps the thing I love most about Poppy and Tyler apart from all left-hand worthy sex is their spiritual connection. When they got together in Priest it wasn’t just a physical attraction and their relationship is based on so much more than fucking. For me, the sex is just this delicious bonus of I-can-never-get-enough-need-more-right-now perfect kind of kinky debasement that I love! I read a lot of erotica and it’s hard to pick just one favorite but let me tell you, Ms. Simone’s steamy scenes are the top of the line, hottest, dirtiest, filthy kind of sex there is. You need these books in your life. Trust.

If you loved Priest, you will love Midnight Mass all the more. We get to grow with Tyler and Poppy. There are a few delicate topics in this book, and Ms. Simone handles them with the utmost care. This series is definitely going on the all time favorites’ list. Go 1-click this deliciously erotic beautiful story of love, redemption, lust, trust, and faith.

P.S. I want to read Tyler’s dissertation. So Sierra, if you could please write that up in your free time and send it on over, that’d be greatly appreciated. For an erotica book to get me interested in theology? That’s other level writing right there, y’all.



About the Author

Sierra Simone is a former librarian who spent too much time reading romance novels at the information desk. She lives with her husband and family in Kansas City.

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