Book Title: The Bellator Saga: The First Trilogy Box Set (Books 1-3)

Author: Cecilia London

Genre: Contemporary/Erotic Romance, Political Romance, Romantic Suspense

Release Date: February 29th

Cover Artist: Sofie Hartley at Luminos Graphic House


Two souls intertwined. One epic love story.

Get swept away in the passionate romance between political opposites Caroline Gerard and Jack McIntyre in the first half of The Bellator Saga.

This set contains the first three books in the series, Dissident, Conscience, and Sojourn.


“This series is off the chain. OFF. THE. CHAIN. Gutwrenching, heartwarming, frightening, loving, sexy as all living hell – it’s life in a book.” – Beverages and Books

“I can’t recommend this series enough. The Bellator Saga is PHENOMENAL. I don’t know she does it but Cecilia has created this brilliantly intelligent, sexy, suspenseful, and moving saga with both light – hope, love, and friendship – and dark – hate, abuse, and evil. Each book has a distinct feel and direction and somehow each one manages to hit you at a completely different emotional level.” – Suzanne, Slut Sistas

“Breathtaking. Brilliant. Stunning…Reading these books is like eating a delicious and very expensive box of chocolates, each piece is unique, some sweet, some bitter but in the end you simply can’t have enough…never before have I felt so inside or so connected to a story.” -Dee, Wrapped Up In Reading


Includes bonus material featuring a deleted scene from Sojourn, a sneak peek at Phoenix, and a never before released love scene told in Jack’s first person point of view!



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Ang's Review



First, I would be remiss if I did not apologize to Ms. London for waiting so long to read these books. I knew I wanted to read them, but I kept getting caught up in other commitments. I’m sorry! I can’t believe I waited so long. Don’t let that happen to you! Stop what you’re doing right now and pick up this series. I promise, you’ll love it!

This series is completely different than anything I’ve read. It has the elements of my favorite types of books across genres all rolled into one! From romance to friendship to loss to second chance love to dystopia to mystery to politics to a riveting thriller … Seriously, people! This book has it all! Not to mention some seriously hot sex scenes! The craziest part is that I’m so invested in the actual plot that the sex scenes are almost secondary to me when usually that’s the biggest draw in romance. This series is one of those rare gems where you get to think and get hot all at the same time … who knew?!

Our heroine is Caroline Gerard. Oh Caroline. She’s a brilliant woman, politician, friend, mother, feminist, lover, and advocate. I mean she does it all yet she makes mistakes too. She’s not perfect and that’s the best part of her. She’s fiercely loyal and can be a little too strident in her beliefs, but I love her even more for that!

The handsome hero is Jack McIntyre. Oh Jack. He’s the sexy silver fox with a silver tongue to match. I want a Jack. You want a Jack! We all need a Jack! He’s the millionaire playboy turned politician. He has a trail of broken hearts behind him, until he meets our Caroline.

So what’s this book about? Dissident is told in past and present flashes so we get the groundwork on how Jack and Caroline met, how their romance blossomed, and what led them to this dangerous situation they are in now. This series is so brilliant because it sets up this doomsday dystopian atmosphere based on current day politics and it seems so real. I’m legitimately terrified that these things could happen today.

Do you love a good conspiracy theory? Look no further than the Bellator Saga. But I have to say it again … Dissident is so much more than that. The friendships and lives and loves of all of these characters make for some really beautiful and gut wrenching reading. Not to mention the hotness. I think I’ve mentioned that, right? These books are packing some serious heat.

Go treat yourself and 1-click this amazing series! I think you’ll love it as much as I do!

5 Stars

Ang's Review



Our favorite protagonists are back and stronger than ever. The heat was seriously turned up in this installment. Cecilia London brought Caroline and Jack to new heights. The sex scenes are still seriously hot but the intimacy has been turned up a notch. The stakes are much higher in Conscience.

By now we know that Jack and Caroline are involved in some sort of underground movement to bring down the current administration. Caroline has been dragged to the Fed where she is being kept prisoner. She’s separated from Jack and is being tortured and abused by the guards. We have no idea what is happening to Caroline’s daughters or loved ones. Where is Jack? Did he escape? Is he a prisoner? Is he dead? The few encounters at the Fed where Caroline is reconnected with loved ones end terribly. This book was so difficult to read. The psychological and physical torture that Caroline is subjected to made me cringe and wince. My heart broke for her a million times. I kept asking myself how someone could survive what she endured. The human spirit and desire to survive is almost mythical.

A saving grace in this installment is the flashbacks. Thank god for those flashbacks! They served as a source of hope and light amidst the dark days at the Fed. We get to see Caroline’s memories and dreams of Jack, her kids, her friends, and loved ones. We get even more insight into her relationship with those closest to her. I grew to love her close confidantes and thought of them as my own. I felt the loss as she must have from the Sullivans to the Allens to Mo and Feef, and Jen and Katie, and, of course, Jack. Always Jack. These flashbacks included seriously hot sex scenes. I’m talking erotic and carnal and goddamn it’s warm in here!

I was zipping through these pages trying to figure out the mystery and the culmination of events that brought on these dire circumstances. You really must read this series! You’ll get to read about grown-ups with real emotions, passion, and struggles. Go give this book a 1-click! I promise you won’t regret it.

5 Stars

Ang's Review



Oh man, you guys. Book 3 in The Bellator Saga was every bit as awesome as Dissident and Conscience but the tone was so different. Caroline’s managed to survive her horrendous abuse at the Fed and is now trying to get through each day as someone new. She believes all of her loved ones have been disappeared or murdered, and she is essentially living underground with a new identity. She’s come into contact with some other members of the rebellion who have nursed her back to health.

The friendship that blossoms with her underground compatriots is tentative albeit special. Long gone is the easy going Punky and in her place is a woman who has lost everything and is trying to recover. So much about her has changed, even her physical appearance after so much abuse, but Caroline Gerard is still there, fighting to find her way back.

As with the other books in the series, Sojourn is told in a series of present and past flashes, and we get many more intimate moments with Jack in these flashbacks. Over the course of their marriage, Jack and Caroline challenged each other in and out of the bedroom. Their connection and chemistry is palpable and the sex is scorching hot. I’m talking down and dirty and sweet and sensual and so damn erotic. We all still need a Jack!

Once again, a Cecilia London book has filled me with despair, heartbreak, longing, fear, and so much hope. Hope in the little things like Caroline’s new friends, hope that she will somehow find the old Caroline in there somewhere, hope that someone, anyone she loves has survived. Is it even possible to find yourself when you’ve been through so much? If her time at the Fed was torturous to watch, her time outside the Fed may be even more so. I know this seems strange, but trying to acclimate and survive after enduring what she did makes me think of POWs and people suffering from PTSD. Caroline doesn’t have the ability to get professional help to see her through this. She can only depend on herself to work through her triggers.

Sojourn takes Caroline on a journey from who she used to be to who she has become. Along with her personal growth, is her group’s attempt to get out west to try to find the rebellion. It’s a dangerous plan to get across the country, and the whole time I was wondering if they would make it and what they would encounter when they got there. What exactly is the rebellion doing to stop the Santos administration? Is there any hope for the United States? Is there a chance any of Caroline’s loved ones have survived? So many questions! You have to 1-click to find out!

This series will have a lasting impact on me, and anyone who reads it. It’s a great epic story, and I just can’t get enough. I’m counting down the days until book 4. Bravo, Ms. London! This series leaves me wanting more, more, and more!

5 Stars

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Cecilia London is the pen name of a native Illinoisan currently living in San Antonio, Texas. She’s filled several roles over the course of her adult life – licensed attorney, wrangler of small children, and obsessed baseball fan, among others. An extroverted introvert with a serious social media addiction, she is the author of The Bellator Saga, an epic, genre-crossing romance series. You can catch all of her quirky updates on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or at her website.

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