The Silver Cage by Anonymous

Published: January 23, 2018



A bitter, mysterious author. A young and naive journalist. A tragic past, a dark secret, and an unforgettable tale of passion and love.

WARNING: The Silver Cage is intended for mature readers; it contains graphic sensuality and strong themes including suicide, sexual identity, and self-harm.


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Anonymous is a pseudonymous international bestseller. The Silver Cord, a companion novel to The Silver Cage, will be released in the first half of 2018.



The writing blew me away. The story kept me riveted. The themes broke my heart. This is the one that will stay with you forever.

The Silver Cage had a profound effect on me. I’ve thought about it so often since I first read it, and it’s just as powerful the second or third time around. The journey Michael and Cal embark on is one of hope, trust, love, and heartbreak. It’s hard to know what to do with a book that feels so real and leaves such an impact. I can only say that this is such an important story. One that needs to be told, especially now when LGBTQ+ issues should be at the forefront of our conversations.

The author bio credits Anonymous as an “international bestseller.” You can take that to the bank, folks. This is the type of writing I hope to read each time I pick up a book, but have only found in a few.




Caleb Bright and Michael Beck. These are 2 names that I have thought about for over a year now. I still get sad thinking about their story. But then I think about the power and meaning behind it.

I don’t really want to say too much of what happens. I went in blind. It’s my favorite way to read a book. I love being caught off guard. The unknown. Nothing could of prepared me for what I read. And I want you to get the same impact I received.

What I will say is this. A Silver Cage is GUT-WRENCHING, heartbreaking, beautiful, poetic, unfair….REAL!! This is such a small fraction of what I felt. ANGER. I was SO ANGRY. COMPASSION. I cried. SO MUCH! I wanted to scream, “WHY IS LIFE SO CRUEL?!”, many, many times. I wanted to hug and smother Cal with all the love he should have received.

I’ll be honest, this is a tough read. There are triggers. Read the warning. You’ve been warned. It will rip you apart. You’ll hurt so much. But bottom line, it’s a story. An exceptionally well written story. This is an author that could write a god damn grocery list and I would end up saying THIS IS THE BEST WRITTEN GROCERY LIST EVER IN LIFE. This author simply knows how to write. That is what overtakes everything for me. A well written story. One that makes you stop and think or sit numb after finishing cause you can’t even form words or thoughts. You might even walk around in a daze for a few days. Just sayin…




I’m not quite sure how to articulate my feelings about The Silver Cage and the powerful story within its pages. Equal parts Heaven and Hell, maybe? Heaven in the giddy rush of the story unfolding, shadowed by the Hell of a torturous sense of doom.

I have no words, really. All I have is the emotion left in its wake… Immense love for these characters and extreme loathing for their circumstance. Bliss for the author’s story telling ability and profound sadness they are “Anonymous.” Endless tears and a sliver of hope that you’ll pick up The Silver Cage and take something meaningful away from it. I did.