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Title: Penalty

Author: Jacob Chance

Genre: Sports Romance

Release Date: May 12, 2017

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He’s the bad boy quarterback of Boston University’s football team. As the
son of a former NFL player, he’s showered with attention and praise
twenty-four-seven. One flash of his smile and all the girls fall at his
feet – or should I say to their knees?

And then there’s me.

Brady Lincoln is the last person I want attention from. He’s the kind of
guy my father warned me about. His play on the field is legendary and his
play with the ladies, even more so. I’ve managed to stay off his radar
until recently.

What happens when the cocky quarterback breaks all the rules to win my




Jacob Chance grew up in New England. He’s a martial artist, a football fan,
a practical joker and junk food lover.

An author of erotic thrillers, he plans to write many more sexy,
suspenseful stories.



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Penalty is the first sports romance I’ve read in forever. It’s been even longer since I’ve read a NA romance. I kind of felt like I was on the sidelines, watching Harlow and Brady battle it out in Penalty. So I thought it would be fun to call this game for you. Your very own review-nouncer.

*wild cheering*

First, let’s check out the stats of our players:

Brady Lincoln Aka “Linc”

Star quarterback

MVP of players and not the football kind

So very tall

So very handsome

Loves pizza

Harlow aka Kitten



Loves pizza


GAME ON (or whatever they say in football)

*blows whistle*

Brady Lincoln is used to women falling at his feet, until he meets the one girl who doesn’t–Harlow. Harlow is the quintessential, awkward introvert, and she is not about to let Brady through the offensive line guarding her panties. She knows all about his reputation, and even if she’s not immune to his charms, she’d rather not be the next trophy on his shelf. (So sorry for all these football puns. How could I not, though? I mean, you kind of have to, right?)

After a few blows to his ego, Brady slowly sneaks through. He’s sweet, and Harlow is about to get an important lesson– sometimes, what you think you know about someone, isn’t true at all.

As your review-nouncer, I’m going to have to say Brady has the best field position going into half time.

*wild cheering*

Okay, so, listen, it’s half time and what do you do at half time? You eat. This book is full of food. FULL. OF. FOOD. I’ve never been so hungry in my life. All I want right now is pizza. This is how the field position looks to me right now.

Okay, anyways, back to the game of love.

*blows whistle*

Harlow can’t seem to resist Brady, despite all the flags her brain is throwing. Give up, Harlow, cause Brady is not about to. I was going to make a really bad pun about him scoring and huddling in the sheets, maybe down and in, possibly end zone, holding, sack, completion, so so many, but I’ll spare you. Just know those things happen. More than once.

So, it’s down to the two minute warning and…



You didn’t think it was going to end that easily, did you? Please. Love is not that simple. No way. You can’t just be happy. Where’s the excitement in that? Clearly Brady and Harlow agree with this, because they are NOT HAPPY. There is some unexpected interference, and this game is headed for overtime. Brady better come up with something HUGE. He’s gonna need a Hail Mary, all the saints, and Jesus too to get out of this. Just get off the damn field, before Harlow punts you off. Let me call him over to the sidelines and ask him a few questions…

“What the hell were you thinking?”

“What kind of answer is that?”

“Love. Ugh. Stop trying to distract me. I’m starving.”

Well, I tried. Okay, I’ll stop torturing you. Hopefully you felt like you were at the game. No? Not even a little? Fine. You’ll have to one-click Penalty to find out how this coming of age love story ends. SORRY.

If you’re looking for a sexy, light angst, sports romance, Penalty is a definite one-click. (Or touchdown. Yeah, I had to. Seriously, how can you not??)





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