Date Me

A Sex Me Novella

By Logan Chance

Cover by Judi Perkins with Concierge Literary Designs

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Release Date: November 15th



Erik Murphy has everything figured out, or so he thinks.

His ex is getting married. He needs a date.

Two meddling sisters and one dating app later, Erik finds himself in a whirlwind of online dating.

Will he be able to find a date in time? Will he find something more instead?

Kayla MacPhearson thinks her best friend, Belinda Hittle, an extreme introvert, needs to spice up her dating life. Kayla hooks her up on a dating app and sits back to watch the sparks fly.

What happens when it all doesn’t go as planned? Will these two find love?



Logan Chance enjoys the simple things in life. Star Wars, music, and pretty girls. Always in trouble at school, he was made to copy the dictionary while the others played. This began his word fascination.

With a love of words he then realized he loved stringing those same words together to create stories to inspire all.

From Boston, and relocated to Florida, he lives out his days writing, reading, and avoiding the beach.

Not afraid to tell it how it is, Logan is definitely a man of his own.







I knew from the first sentence Date Me was going to be special. And what followed that first sentence was pure magic. Erik Murphy needs a date for his ex’s wedding, so his sisters, who I ADORED, decide to help by putting him on a dating website. Eeeek! Speaking of, there needs to be a fantasy site for book boyfriends, don’t you think? Wouldn’t that be fun to see who we would attract? I guess my profile would look something like this:


Okay, I might need to work on mine. I would get no one with that. Anyways, Erik unexpectedly gets entangled in a bit of a triangle, and I have never been so torn. I loved both girls, Kayla AND Belinda. Which is RARE. I don’t handle triangles well, because I’m usually set on one person and then that person loses. Grrr. And then I get mad. Not this time, I liked both girls. They were written so well, I couldn’t pick between them. Thanks a lot! And did I mention the girls were BEST FRIENDS. Ugh. I didn’t know what to do! And neither did Erik. Let me add that to my profile.



Date Me set up the question: looks or personality? It was an intriguing glimpse into the dilemma Erik found himself facing. It actually made my brain hurt thinking about it. Who do you choose when you have unexpected and undeniable attraction to one girl but the other you are connecting with emotionally?  I’ll tell you, I gravitated towards Belinda at first. Their cute messages were one of my favorite parts of Date Me. You can’t discount connecting with someone on that level. BUT, oh my god, Kayla was more than just a pretty face. She had depth underneath that gorgeous exterior. I found myself feeling bad for her that he was sexually attracted to her. Pretty people can have a personality, too. Give her a chance, Erik! But don’t forget about Belinda! She has cookies and you want that cookie. See my dilemma? See Erik’s dilemma? I hate choosing! I can tell you this… I found myself being open to a threesome, if that’s what it took for everyone to get a happy ending. Gasp. Let me add that to my profile.



Erik also turned out to be more than the hot pilot. Thank god. Much more. I loved his sense of humor, and the banter with his sister’s made me laugh out loud. His messages with Belinda showed he had a vulnerable side, too. And he won my heart over a tiny detail. He asked one of the girls if she wanted to talk about her bad day. My heart pitter pattered all over the place. Let me add that.


And he was SEXY. Date Me was so hot it burnt my fingertips sliding the page over. My goodness, Erik. I bet your fingertips caught on FIRE sending those sexts. And you sure know how to use whip cream. Whoever said whip cream was meant for pie LIED.  And no, pie is not a euphemism. Well, actually, I guess it is. Because Erik is NAUGHTY. I should add that to my profile too.


Okay, I think I would definitely get Erik with that. Yes? No? Probably not. Sigh. Anywho, Erik finds himself becoming deeper entangled with both girls, and how this would end well, I had no clue. Cause, Erik, best friends! Eeeeek! I should add clueless up there, because that’s what I am at guessing plot twists. And there was a big one. Unfortunately, I’m wordy as f*ck and ran out of room. Big sigh. I really can’t tell you much more without spoiling anything. Sorry. You’ll have to read and find out how all of this played out for Erik.

Logan Chance really captured something special with Date Me. I read this in one sitting, start to finish, completely engulfed. Date Me may have been a novella but it definitely didn’t lack any detail, humor, emotion, or heat. Just ask my burnt fingertips. If you’re looking for a 5 star read, you definitely need to read Date Me. And here’s a little tip: If you burn your fingertips reading, whip cream soothes them. xo


5 Stars