Jacob Chance

Genre: Erotica/Romance

Release Date: December 15th


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Seven years is a long time to wait to be with the person you know you were meant to be with. My patience has reached its limit. Kenna McKenzie needs to be mine forever and I’m not waiting any longer. Fate has thrown too many obstacles in our path. The sooner I permanently tie her to me, the better. Then I can tie her to the bed for a wedding night I’ll make sure she never forgets.

Join Derek, Kenna and all their friends for a wild and thrilling wedding weekend in Sin City. What happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas, but you never know who might be there… watching.


I can’t stand here any longer; I must get closer. I need to feel the heat of her body in front of me and smell her exotic scent. It’s some enticing combination of sweet and spicy all at the same time. Cinnamon and sugar. I bet her pussy tastes like that too. When my tongue dips inside her for the first time, her unique and complex flavor will be better than anything I’ve ever tasted before.

Her eyes drift closed as she gets lost in the song playing. Her back is to Kenna and Janny and there are other couples dancing between them. I amble forward, hoping no one will notice me, and ease in behind her, matching my movements to hers. I gently place my hands on her hips and lean down close to whisper in her ear, “Don’t turn around.” She startles at first, but when I gently squeeze her hip she nods to let me know she’s going to follow my instructions. “I want you to roll that sweet little ass of yours all over my cock while we dance. I want you to feel every thick inch of how hard watching you has made me.” I pull her back against me, my cock lined up with the center of her ass. “Do you feel that?” My whisper is hoarse in her ear and she shivers in reaction and then nods her head. I wrap an arm around her waist and let the other one slide up and down along the subtle curve of her hip while we move as one to the song playing.

“Walk forward to the back corner,” I command. She hesitates and then shakes her head. “We’re in Sin City, precious. This is a judgement free zone and the perfect opportunity for you to do something like this. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” I try to persuade her. “Take a chance – have some fun.”

I place both of my hands on her hips and gently urge her forward. She takes small steps in her sexy heels until we’re in the corner, facing the back wall. “Are you wet now?” I nuzzle my nose along the curve of her ear. “Are your juices dripping out along your slit?” She nods, and my fingers skim down over her hip to tease her silky thigh at the bottom of her dress.

Our hips are still moving in tandem and the motion of her curvy little ass against my cock has me ready to burst. I clench my teeth and take a deep breath. Control is paramount for me in all things. She’s the first person, the first thing, who’s tested me to this degree.

“I want to make you come,” I whisper in her ear. She doesn’t react. “Tell me I can push my fingers in your slippery little cunt and make you explode.” The sexiest little moan expels from her lips. “No one will see what we’re doing. It’s just you and me, precious girl.”

“Yes, please.” Her voice is breathy in anticipation of what I’m about to do. I can barely fucking breathe as I think of what her slick, little pussy is going to feel like squeezing my fingers.

About the Author:

Jacob Chance grew up in New England and still lives there today. He’s a martial artist, a football fan, a practical joker and junk food lover.

A writer of erotic romance, TIED is his latest release and is a DELVE novella.

Jacob plans on writing many more sexy, suspenseful stories and to branch out to other genres.


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I decided to use some lines from TIED to help me out with this review again because some are just so fitting. So, hope you have your party dresses on, because we’re going to a wedding! In Vegas! Why Vegas? Why not! It’s Sin City so what a perfect place to make all the characters sin!


Kidding! But what if I wasn’t?


Tied wasn’t just the conclusion to Derek and Kenna’s story, it was also the beginning for several secondary characters: Zack, Lana, Josh, and Elle. These characters all get their own chapters so we can get to know them.


You know who really surprised me out of this group of friends? Josh and Elle. These two are covering up their sexual attraction to each other with sarcasm and some not very nice things from Elle. Not that Josh was innocent, but I’ve had my eye on him since I met him in Quake. I think I like him because he seems like a good guy.


Anyways, I know what will fix their problem with each other.


You’re welcome, Josh and Elle.

Once again Zack stole the show for me. He is so very creepy. So VERY creepy. But I can’t look away from him for some reason. Good thing! Cause I would probably find him in my kitchen, eating my food! Eeeeeek! He has his sights set on Lana and I’m not sure what to think about what transpired in Vegas. What exactly are these secrets he has?! I’ll just have to think about that later.


Yes, Kyle and Janny are there too. And Janny had the biggest secret of all! And no, I’m not telling. I will tell you this, TIED was an unexpected treat with all the different characters woven in. Speaking of treats… There was barely any food in this story! The food is usually it’s own character in this series! I guess they were too busy to eat with all the secrets and sexual shenanigans happening in Sin City. In protest of that…


That’s about all I can tell you, because this is a novella, after all. TIED was a sweet ending to Derek and Kenna’s journey yet held new beginnings for the other characters. So, I’ll try to stop myself right now and tell you to one-click (Do it!) and end this review instead of making TIED puns. Ya, know, like how some loose ends were TIED up or how others came unTIED. Oops. Sorry. I did it anyways.


5 Stars