Tarah's Night Owl Review

I came about M. Pierce before I came about Night Owl. I heard from numerous people how amazing this book was, but I’m usually not one to go with the crowd. I was hesitant to pay attention. Many times something doesn’t live up to the hype that surrounds it… this was clearly not one of those cases.

I spent a ridiculous amount of time on M’s blog. Impressed and captivated by even those words, I knew I had to give this Night Owl book a go.

best decision i ever made gif

Night Owl deserves every bit of love and attention it has received and more. Beyond that, so does the author.

I am not tempted to buy books because they have the hottest sex or your next dream man. Literary smut has become available at every nook and cranny. I assure you, not all of it is good. That’s not what this is though. No, Night Owl stands in a class of its own. Is there left-hand-worthy-sex that works you up and makes you wish you had your own Matt or Hannah? Fuck. Yes.


The book is full of sexual candor that is certainly worthy of the steamy comments many will provide. For me, it was much, much more.

I applaud the lack of stereotypical and habitual maundering found in fiction. Night Owl is a breath of fresh air. This writing goes above the mundane, full of wit, humor, and astute references.

I enjoyed the journey the plot took. It keeps you on your toes and keeps you wanting more. This is one of those books that will stay with you. You’ll want to read it again, and you’ll still feel that draw of emotions for the characters like you did your first read. Every character is fascinating. No one bores you. Even Laurence, the rabbit, gets you!

The details M. Pierce wrote in Night Owl contribute to so much of its glorious brilliance. Nothing is overlooked. Did I mention how unbelievably impressed I am? Gah. This writing.

The realism existing in every layer of this book is astounding and crawls within your soul. YOUR SOUL. This is pehaps what enthralls me most with this book. This is a story done right. You will feel a realm of emotions, but most of all… this is a LOVE story done right. And you will love it.


This book has influenced my life in such a ripple effect of ways that you couldn’t even fathom. I will forever be grateful for M. Pierce. M’s writing and friendship is a gift I’ll never take for granted.


5 Stars



Scarlett's Night Owl Review

Every so often I read a book that is simply perfection. One that just hits every sweet spot; the writing, the plot, the characters, something within the story that speaks to me. Night Owl was that book for me. From the first sentence I knew I was going to be hooked, and was I ever. So hooked, I scoured (stalked) the internet when I was finished, looking for information on this amazing author who had just given me the best book high I could ask for.

When I started reading, these characters leapt off the page and came to life. I fell completely in love with Matthew Sky. He was so original and quirky. He was dirty, unrestrained, endearing, and tragic. He had a rabbit for god’s sake. From the first dirty words out of his mouth, I knew I would never forget him. Ever. I was blushing and completely aroused at the same time. Hands down, Matt is still the best dirty talker I’ve read. The sex scenes in this book…god have mercy on me. That’s how you have sex. That’s how I want to have sex.

Butt plug…sure.
LELO…you betcha.
Slut…oh yeah.
In a car, in a tent, on the phone…YES, PLEASE!

Sorry. TMI.

Beyond all that is a love story. A powerful love story. I am a sap for a great romance, and this one captured me and didn’t let go. It still hasn’t let me go. Now I feel like crying because Hannah is so right for Matt, and Matt is such a sweet asshole. She was smart, sexy, loving–his perfect counterpart. Something about Matt makes you want to protect him, shield him from the world, and Hannah is the person to do that. Well…and me. These two together are book magic. All the supporting characters, Nate, Bethany, Pam, even the bunny Laurence, are just as interesting as Matt and Hannah. That’s not an easy feat and M. Pierce did it. The story touches on addiction, depression, mental illness–and is told brilliantly. And the stuffed manatee, such a simple thing that nearly undid me.

If I could live in a book, this is the one I would choose. I would pack all my things and move right in. Side note, Matt had some really nice things so I’ll pack lightly. This novel isn’t fluff, it is intelligent and witty. The literary references, the meta fiction, the story within a story; I could go on and on. Okay…I’ll make a confession here, I had to Google meta fiction when I read it. M. Pierce made me smarter. Thank you for that.

Some of the lines in this book are heart breaking and hauntingly beautiful. I’ll end with a few of my favorite quotes…

“Sad things seem truest to me.”<–*sobs*

“My lover was a writer. He was a writer first, and my lover second.”

“I was going to him because I loved him. And love is unstoppable.”<–*wails*

“He was there because he wasn’t there. How could I make anyone understand. He was the negative space.”

“There is no such thing as loneliness. There is only the idea of loneliness.”

“I stared at the lemon tree until my wood relaxed.”<–I think of this every time I see a lemon.

“I understood how people fall apart. I understood how dangerous it is to let someone become your whole life, and how powerless we are to prevent it.”

“She had become an idea. I sent my story to Hannah the way people pray-casting my plea into the ether. A plea to be understood. Looking for the signs.”

“He loved her through every face of love. To her, the faces must have seemed like facades, but one continuous truth joined them.”<–*weeps*

“It was over, and it could not be over because he could not forget. She would become all that emptiness. In that, there was a comfort. Nothing lasts forever, and nothing ever ends.”<–*bawls*

You must read this book.

I love you, M. Pierce. And I love the Night Owl family you have brought me. These things are priceless.

5 Stars