Candi's Night Owl Review

Ohhh I’ve been Mmmm Pierced….sighhh.

Night Owl. Greatest book ever. M. Pierce. Greatest author ever. Buy it. Read it. Left-hand inspiring. I want to lick Matthew Sky. It’s very rare that I come across a book that has affected me such as Night Owl has. From the very first line, to the very last. I stared at my phone for a bit. Not sure what to do with myself. This book dealt with so many things close to my heart. Alcoholism, drug addiction, depression. And also had a whole lotta sexy going on. I laughed, I cried, I squirmed, and I developed a new fondness for pigs, camping, cars, potato salad, and the 4th of July. My words will not do Night Owl or the brilliant M. Pierce enough justice. So, with that being said, you have to just trust me, and GO BUY THIS BOOK!!!!

5 Stars



Ang's Night Owl Review

I first read Night Owl last October. I love this book. I want to tell you why, but it’s hard to put my thoughts to paper. Where to start? How about the beginning. I was hooked on this book from the first two lines. I’m a sucker for a dual POV, and it really intrigued me when the book opened with Matt’s story. He tells us right away that he’s not a good guy. He’s a liar and a cheater. And I did not care. At all. I wanted to know more. What made him lie, why did he cheat, and why did I care so much? Because M. Pierce is a brilliant writer and makes you feel like you are right there in the pages with the characters. That’s why. Matt was written as this beautiful, arrogant, flawed, sexy, larger than life person. You want to know him.

And then you really want to know Hannah. You want to know the girl that intrigues a guy like Matt. She didn’t disappoint. She was sexy, strong, likable, witty, and confident. I admired that she made a difficult decision to change her life by moving home at age 27. I thought that showed great courage, and I may have loved her instantly. She didn’t take herself too seriously yet she knew what she wanted. I also appreciated her glasses.

The scenes with Matt and Hannah jumped off the pages. I could feel their tension, their chemistry, and their need. The sex in this book is off the charts. It wasn’t clean, easy, no muss sex. It was honest, raw, emotional, filthy, and I loved it. I found myself secretly thrilled when Matt debased Hannah. I had no idea I thought this was so hot. It seemed to go against my feminist ideals, but I did not give a shit. I wanted to read more about it. Oh and I did. And how. It was explicit and taboo, and I couldn’t get enough.

Unfortunately, life isn’t all hot sex and insane attraction. Shit has to get real at some point and when it did and the unthinkable happened… it was so dark and draining. I loved that M. took us on that ride. I was shocked and heart broken and really sad. I wanted to fix them. It. The situation. Reach through the pages and make it all better. But Matt and Hannah didn’t need me because they had Matt’s big brother, the heroic Nate Sky, to help save the day. I just need to take a moment to say that I’ve never been so captivated with a supporting character as I am with Nate. It’s a real testament to M.’s talent as a writer. Nate was only in a few scenes, but his presence was overwhelming. He was a bright light on dark pages. Those hospital scenes. They gutted me. You’ll see.

Although the one thing that stood out above all else in this book was the writing. Listen. I wasn’t an English major, and am far from a grammar snob, clearly. I just enjoy a good story, and if the story keeps me enthralled then the writing is secondary to me. Usually. Thankfully, M. Pierce changed my mind on that. How could the hottest story I’ve ever read also be the best written? The writing blew me away. It was the perfect combination and makes me proud to be a reader in the genre.

At its core, Night Owl is a beautiful love story that just happens to be really deliciously sexy. I can get lost in the pages of this book over and over again. I cannot wait for Last Light and After Dark. I miss our favorite Night Owl and Little Bird.

5 Stars