insatiable 2

It was supposed to be simple: I teach her a crash course in pleasure. No commitment. No strings.
Now she’s found the perfect guy — and it’s not me.

I should move on, but I need her. And I never back down from a fight.

Now I’ve got one last lesson for her:
I’m going to make her mine.

insatiable complete

Candi's Review

Oh Jax, Jax, Jax. How I love thee!!!

Part 2 starts right from where poor Jax got his heart broken at the end of part 1. And damn, he really went through the ringer in this book. I guess karma really is a bitch. And she titally kicked his ass!!

Lizzie has ended hers and Jax’s “arrangement” because 1, she was looking for an out. Afraid of actually falling for Jax. The player, the casanova. The wham bam thank you ma’am kinda guy. And 2, because she really did meet someone. James. Oh god. This guy. I laugh just thinking about this poor sap. He’s the safe guy. The good guy. The kinda guy that asks permission for a kiss. Really?! The kinda guy who wants to marry Mrs. Carol fucking Brady. Lizzie goes along with this act. An act that is directed by a very sneaky, sneaky Jax. Offering her “advice” on how to be the woman that James wants. Poor Jax. Believe it or not. My heart broke for this cocky, arrogant man. He finally realizes that Lizzie is the one that he wants. He’s changed. And you see it. But will Lizzie notice? Will she take a gamble on the playboy? Or will she play it safe and stay with James? Cheap wine buyer, may I peck your cheek, who probably wears trousers. James. Good god. I’m laughing again. Well, you will just have to read to find out who is chosen. May I request right now that I vote for James to get his own book. Just a thought.

What I loved about this book is, well, everything. The hotness, the dialogue, the angst. Yes. I’m a sucker for a good angsty book. And OMG the humor. I don’t know how many times I literally died laughing. And not just at James. Poor James. The writing is fresh. Different. And I love different. JD Hawkins came out of nowhere and has rocked the literary world. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, he writes like he’s been doing it for years. I am a forever fan. And I can’t wait to see what he does next. If you haven’t read this series yet, you need to go 1-click the hell out of it!!

5 Stars

About the Author

I’m a new erotic author from LA. I grew up in Southern California and now live with my wife in Venice. I’ve also lived in NYC, India, and Thailand. I love to travel and have been to Central America, Australia, Europe and the Middle East. I have a boring corporate day job where I cover people’s asses for a living and am hoping to leave this world soon and make a living doing the thing I love – writing. I enjoy surfing and I’m also a martial artist, my other main passion, which I practice since the age of 5.

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