Something happened on Sunday that really rocked my world. Something very scary. I spend a lot of time laughing and chatting with my fellow dirty girls and a few other close friends. We chat on and off all day and night, every single day, about everything under the sun.

I woke up Sunday thinking it would be like any other day. Instead I entered the Twilight Zone where someone, or something, invaded the bodies of ALL OF THEM. Gone were the giggling, all over the place conversations. In their place was one thing. And one thing only.


What in the ever lovin fudge?

I had no idea in 27 minutes everything would change. There was one thing on my mind and it wasn’t football.



I was not expecting this side of them. It was freaky and alarming; my worst nightmare. They’ve mentioned in passing they were fans but clearly I underestimated their level of fandom. I figured they watched a game here or there like me. Nuh uh. Suddenly Candi was spouting off names of God knows who, as if she’s an ESPN correspondent. Not only does she watch, she watches eight games AT ONCE. Who is this person?






As I’m reeling from this new Candi, I am blown away by Ang. Not only is Ang a fan too, but she is a betting fan. Ang is spewing this lingo about real time bets, and 20.00, like a Vegas bookie. She is determined to get a 20.00 bet from someone. I don’t know whether to send her 20.00 or run for the hills on my legs that aren’t broken yet. This new bookie Ang is hardcore.





I thought our good friend Jen would sympathize with me when she showed up. Wrong. Jen has been taken over too. She is now rambling about some kind of 3 and out. What does that even mean? 3 strikes and you’re out? Doesn’t that mean you go to prison? Is Ang going to prison for illegal betting? This is OUT OF CONTROL.


Who are these people? They know all the players, what teams they play on, everything. They are talking a whole new language. One I don’t understand.






And they got pissed when things didn’t go their way. I don’t know what was going on on their TV’s, but suddenly they were all shouting obscenities.




And these new people were ruthless…




No one was safe…



This went on all day and night. Every time I popped in they were still talking football.


I’m still coming to terms with this unseen side of everyone. I was not happy when I was informed this will be a regular occurrence on Sunday, Monday, Thursday, and sometimes Friday and Saturday. Until February. I can only imagine what the Super Bowl will be like with these new personalities.


Pray for me, please.