Date me is the first novella in the Sex Me series, and today we have an exclusive from Logan Chance: A Guy’s Night. This fun little exclusive is an interview with Erik Murphy from Date Me and includes the upcoming men in the Sex Me Novella Series: Houston Dale from Study Me, Ryan Wagner from Save Me, and Pollux from Break Me.

Date Me was a really special 5 star read. If you haven’t picked it up yet, you can get it HERE ON AMAZON for only .99.  Enjoy the exclusive!




Hey, everyone. Logan Chance here, and I’ll be hanging out with the male characters from the Sex Me Novella Series.

I’ll interview them and just basically shoot the shit with Erik Murphy from Date Me, Houston Dale from Study Me, Ryan Wagner from Save Me, and Pollux from Break Me.

Fun Friday night, hanging out with my characters. I have no life. And, well, let’s get started…

“Hey, thanks for stopping by, guys. Grab a beer from the fridge and have a seat, and we can get this show on the road,” I say as all four men enter my condo.

“Sweet, you have Heineken,” Ryan says, grabbing a cold one from the fridge.

“Move over,” Pollux says, pushing Ryan over a bit. “Hey, Logan, got anything stronger?” he asks, and I cross to the liquor shelf in my kitchen.

“I always have some Early Times lying around. And hey, be nice, Pollux.” I grab the bourbon off the shelf and pour us each a shot.

“To good times,” Erik says, raising his glass.

We all cheers each other, down our shots, and head back into my living room to get the interview started. The quicker I can get this over with, the quicker I can play some video games.

“So, Erik, I’ll start with you since your story is coming out first.”

Houston and Pollux eye each other up, and I need to keep the tension level from rising. Pollux is an asshole, to say it nicely.

“Sure. What do you want to know?” Erik replies.

“Well, I guess everyone wants to know what was it like dating two girls?”

Erik smiles as the other guys hoot and holler. Amateurs. Calm down.

“Yeah, it was hard. Scratch that, difficult.” Erik crosses his leg to rest his ankle on his knee. He leans back and adds, “But, you got to do what you got to do.”

“What do you mean by that?” Houston asks before taking a swig from his beer.

“I needed a date, so I let my sisters try to hook me up.” Erik smiles.

“Oh, fuck that,” Houston scoffs. “I would never let my sister help with anything. She’s stuck up just a bit.”

“Houston, everyone will meet your sister in Break Me, so let’s not give too much away,” I say, trying to keep everyone in line.

“Oh, check this out. You’ve got the Xbox one. Can we play?” Ryan stares at me as I shake my head no.

“Xbox, turn on,” Pollux says.

I laugh as the light to my Xbox turns on. “Xbox, turn off,” I say. “Ok, guys, let’s try to get through this interview, and then I can kick all of your asses in Call Of Duty.”

“No you can’t,” Ryan says, laughing. “I was in the military. I’ll kick your ass.”

“Ryan, don’t make me say exactly what you did in the military. I will give you this, you did a great job defending our country, but there’s no way you’ll beat me.”

“What did you do in the military?” Pollux leans forward, eager for the information.

“None of your damn business,” Ryan snaps, running his fingers through his light sandy-brown hair.

“Paper pusher?” Houston asks, crossing his strong arms.

“Man, fuck you. I fought for this country. What have you ever done?”

“I’m a doctor. I save lives.” Houston’s eyes grow dark as he leans closer to Ryan. “And I can take lives just as easily.”

This evening is not going well. The big tempers in this room are taking over, and I need to get the focus back on Erik. Can’t wait until I interview the females from Date Me more. Now that night I’m looking forward to.

“Houston, Ryan, I’ll interview you when your book comes out. But, for now, let’s focus on Erik and his troubling situation.”

Pollux is off the couch and opening doors before I even finish speaking. What the fuck?

“Pollux, where are you going?” I follow him down the hallway just as he opens the door to my office.

He steps inside, flicking the light on and gazing around the room. “That’s a lot of toys, man.”

“They’re collectibles,” I grit out.

“Oh yeah? How much are some of those things worth?”

I raise my brow and give him what I hope is a stern look. Kind of like the turkey sticker on Facebook. You know the one. “You’re not hawking it,” I tell him, “so don’t even look anymore.”

I shut the light off and lead him back into the living room where, oh, fuck me, Ryan has turned on the Xbox.

“Xbox, stop listening,” I shout, grabbing the controller from Ryan’s hand. Fucking voice commands. I need to remember to turn that shit off.

“We thought we’d play while you were busy,” Ryan adds.

“Have any NBA games?” Erik asks, standing to gaze over my collection of video games.

“Of course I do, but you won’t find the copy of it. All on the hard drive.” I nod toward the Xbox and laugh.

Pollux resumes his seat after grabbing another beer from the fridge. I swallow the last of my beer and hop up to grab another. This is going to be a long night.

Where were we?

“Erik, tell me about what you do for a living,” I prod, popping the top off the Heineken bottle.

“I’m a private pilot. I fly a Gulfstream to the Caribbean once a week.”

Pollux’s eyes light up. “Oh, fancy. Logan, you’ve got a military man, doctor, and pilot. And me. I kind of feel out of place.”

“What do you do?” Houston directs his question to Pollux.

Pollux’s laugh is as dark as his eyes and hair. “What don’t I do.”

“Well, that answers a lot,” Houston retorts.

“He looks like a low-class criminal to me,” Ryan says.

“Watch who you’re talking to, boy,” Pollux threatens. His tattooed arm flexes as he creates a fist with his hand.

Testosterone is a motherfucker. And, right now, there is just too much of it in my house.

“Fine, kill each other for a while. Xbox turn on,” I say and hand Ryan the controller. “The other controllers are in the drawer. Erik, follow me.”

Erik stands, and we are about the same height. I lead him onto my back patio and take in the nice, crisp Florida air of November. Florida is great this time of year.

With the peace and quiet, I can get shit done. Maybe I’ll even have time to throw up some pimp posts on Facebook when this is all over.

“So, Erik, tell me about your sisters.”

He groans out a breath. “I have two. They both love to tell me what I should be doing. Lexi is my twin. She’s nothing like me. Loud, crass, and will say whatever she’s thinking with no filter. Marley is more soft spoken. She’s younger and heading off to NYU to study medicine.”

I nod. “That’s right. That’s the same school Houston teaches at. Maybe she’ll take his class.”

“Let’s hope not. He seems like an asshole.”

“Oh, he is. Believe me. He loves to make his student’s life miserable. I think he gets off on it or something.” I grab the neck of my beer and take a long pull. Little does Erik know Houston will definitely be making Marley’s life insanely miserable in Study Me.

Erik looks out at the lake across from my condo and smiles. “I think Marley could handle it, though. She’s smart.”

“Tell me about Kayla and Belinda. How did you meet them?”

“My sisters put me on some dating app, and Belinda messaged me. At first, it was fun. But, then, our messages grew into these deep conversations I began craving.” He glances to me and smiles. “Kayla I met in a club one night. She took my breath away. She was gorgeous. I had no clue they were best friends.”

“What happened as soon as you found out?”

He shakes his head. “I tried to not think about Kayla as much as possible.”

“Must have been tough, huh?” I say.

“You have no idea.”

“Oh, I might.”

Sure, call me mean. Yes, I devised Erik to fall for both girls. One for her personality, and one for her looks.

Pick up Date Me and find out who he chooses.

Also, if you enjoyed this guy’s night, stay tuned for more exclusive content.

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