Happy bestie day!

Isn’t it funny that even as adults we still cherish that title? I can remember when it was given to me by my first best friend, Missy, in kindergarten. It felt like I belonged to a magical club and had a special person that was all mine! My bestie, my bff, my favorite person on the planet! It’s that rare privilege to share your life and your deepest secrets and biggest dreams and fears with someone not bound to you by blood or familial bonds or romantic feelings. You choose to bring this person into your heart and your life. I’ve been fortunate to have the best friends a girl could ask for. I know, I know. Everyone thinks this about their besties, and you should! As I’ve gotten older that circle of girlfriends has grown wider and changed shapes, but it doesn’t diminish the bonds I have with any of them. They are all special and unique and mean different things to me.

Since today is a day to celebrate our besties, we decided to do giveaways to celebrate! I’m going to tell you about my BFFs and the books that we loved! You’ll have a chance to win an ebook of your choice from the three books that connected me and my besties: Summer Sisters by Judy Blume, Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, and Last Light by M. Pierce. All you need to do to enter is comment below (or on the Laundry Room post that I’ll make) and tell me about your bestie!

I’m doing my post a little differently than the other girls, because once I started thinking about BFF day, I got all verklempt missing my besties. This is a tribute to all of them!



The first book up for grabs was referred to me by my best friend, Heather. She recommended Summer Sisters by Judy Blume to me many years ago. I love this book so much! It covers all of those ups and downs of friendship. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll want to call your BFF and give her a hug! Heather and I have been BFFs since 9th grade French class … 27 years ago! It was a fated day in that class when I was the new girl and she offered me a kind smile. I was instantly drawn to her beautiful face and that perfect 90s hair! We’ve been through everything together. And I mean everything. From bad hair days (as if! we always had glorious hair!), to the tender high school years, from our first jobs together at Hardee’s, to prom, to black jeans, to Vertigo nights, to being roomies, from Grease and Fear, to love and heartbreak to celebrating our weddings to babies (I’m so honored to be a proud auntie to your sweet babies) to dance moves, from Madonna to Twisted to Prince to Bon Jovi to Poison and so many inside jokes and laughs I’ve lost track, from staying up all night long talking, introducing our loves who love each other and love to golf and make us laugh, vacationing together, the list goes on! We’ve been there through the devastating deaths that almost broke us, but we carried each other through like we always do. Heather taught me so much about friendship and love and loyalty. She’s so much more than a BFF. She’s my family, her hubby and kids are my family. Forever. I’m so lucky to have the smartest, prettiest, bestest, funniest, loyal, caring, and generous bestie! We moved away from each other 13 years ago and have both lived in different states since then. And even though we don’t talk or see each other as much as we should, she’ll always be my BFF. I love you, Heath!


TWILIGHT by Stephenie Meyer

The next book up for grabs was one that I shared with so many of my besties, including Heather! It’s Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. I know, I know! Who knew? I actually bought Twilight for my 14 year old niece but she didn’t want to read it! It was just before New Moon came out so it was still fairly unknown at the time. I was in college and in desperate need of an escape from history books on war and revolution. I raced through Twilight like nobody’s business. It had been so long since I’d read for pleasure without a looming deadline! I was in love! Something about the taboo relationship, first love, the sparkly vampire, the meadow, basically the whole story just sucked me in. Of course, I had to tell my besties.

I immediately called my bestie, Kealy. She was like, “What? Vampires? I’m in!” Kealy is another one of my long term BFFs. We met when I was 20, she was 19, and we both snuck into a bar on Super Bowl Sunday. Our boyfriends at the time were buds and introduced us. We like to joke that we ditched them and stayed together. I remember when I met Kealy I thought she had the coolest name, the best hair, and was one of the most gorgeous girls I’d ever met. Here we are 21 years later, and I still think that about her. Kealy has been my rock, my bestie, my champion, my hair aficionado, my person that makes me laugh out loud and we may or may not have peed from laughing so hard! So many of my biggest moments in my life happened with this girl by my side. From our wild 20s days to hours of shopping and gossiping to decorating apartments to dreaming of our future to heartbreaking deaths to meeting our spouses to our beautiful Jaycie Rae to my graduation from undergrad (finally!) to our 30th b-day celebrations to Mexico to the DR to our weddings. I know the second I pick up the phone, she’s there for me no matter how much time has passed. Kealy is the best friend you could ever dream of! She’s thoughtful and generous and sends the best gifts and has the best personality. Kealy has never met a stranger, and I love her funny sayings and style. I dream of decorating like Kealy when I grow up. I love her family too! They were like my second family for years, and we have so many cherished memories of bbqs and vacations and holidays. I stay with her when I go home for visits, and I could not possibly love her more. Plus our spouses are secretly in love with each other and we always joke about them moving in together while Ke and I live together. She’s my family too. And I totally plan to make her daughter move to whatever city I’m in when she starts undergrad! I love you, Ke!

The next person I forced to read Twilight was Rosa. My Rosita. Rosa was so into it that she even came with me to my very first author signing, and we got our books signed by Stephenie Meyer and bought t-shirts that said, “Official Member of the I Love Edward Cullen Fan Club” or some such thing. We giggled for hours! Ah Rosa. My soul sister, my sister from another mister, my dream spinner, pixie dust gothic Latina Disney princess that I’ll adore forever and ever. Rosa and I met at Arizona State in a Chicana lit class in the fall of 2004. We fell in love over poetry and history and professors and Che and Anzaldúa and feminists and green chile cheese enchiladas and chicken tortilla soup and buffalo dip and so many days and nights discussing our future and our dreams and our history at The Place. Rosa was the person that made me realize that I could have more than two BFFs and it was ok! It didn’t threaten what I had with Heather or Kealy. It just made my heart grow bigger and she slid right in. She was with me for my 30th and 40th b-day celebrations and by my side on my wedding day. Deb and I love her so much that we dream of her moving in with us in DC. Move to DC, Rosa! We are waiting! LA has had you long enough! 😉 Even though we don’t talk or see each other nearly enough, Rosa encourages me to be better, do better, chase my dreams, and never give up. She inspires me so much. I love you, mi amorcita!

The next person I made read Twilight was my Jillie. I think it took her months to finish it but she loved it too! Jill is one of those people that keeps a tight circle. She’s the most down to earth, Midwestern through and through, loyal friend that you could ever hope to have! We met in the spring of 2004 at a law firm in AZ where we were both paralegals. The first time I met her she showed me how to scan in a document. I thought, “Wow, she’s so smart and pretty and has great shoes!” Being in a new state with new people, I was drawn to her like a beacon. I remember thinking, “She’s so nice! She must be from the Midwest like me!” We got to know each other at lunches and happy hours and girls’ nights. I’d say our friendship was a slow build. We weren’t besties overnight but as our friendship grew and we spent more and more time together we just clicked. I can remember the moment that it happened and she became my person forever. Deb & I were leaving AZ to head to DC and we stayed at her house our last night in town because our belongings were already on the moving truck. We’d already had several goodbye dinners and going away parties and everything that went with our cross-country move, but in those early morning hours as she was packing us a goodie bag to take on the road, we hugged and cried. I just remember thinking, oh my god, I love her so much, I don’t want to leave her! As luck would have it, her hubby and my wife became BFFs too. I think they clicked even before Jill and I did! These two are ridiculous together! We are so lucky that they are our couple to travel with and share adventures. Plus, we are all on the “no-kid” plan so it’s nice to have another kid free couple to hang with! Deb and I always say that Jill is the kind of person that once she lets you in, you have a spot for life. I’m so honored that she let me in, and I’m proud to call her my bestie. Jill is beautiful, generous, kind, smart, and so funny! I love you, girl! And I miss you every day! I can’t wait to see you in a couple of weeks in Vegas!

After the heartbreak and tears of leaving two different sets of besties in two different states, I came to DC armed with the intentions of NOT letting any new people in. It was too hard to leave them, and I had enough lovely ladies in my life. Others need not apply! That was all fine and dandy until I met Meg. Damn you, Meg! You made me break my vow! Meg is married to one of my guy besties. I worked with her hubby and liked him instantly because he was from Chicago and funny and smart! I worked with him for several months before I had the pleasure of meeting his beautiful wife. I met her in the fall of 2008. We were headed to a mutual friend’s b-day party, and I remember telling my buddy, “How in the hell did you land her?” Megan is utterly charming! She’s gorgeous and friendly and funny and so warm. We clicked instantly! By the time the night was over, I felt like I had known her my whole life! Over the course of the next several years she slipped right into my heart and became my Meg. Plus, it always help when your spouses love each other too! I often wonder who is the closer friend in our foursome. My wife and Meg, or me and Meg, or me and her hubby, or my wife and her hubby? That’s how tight we all are. It’s nothing for us to have group texts or individual texts and laugh over favorite tv shows (Khaleesi boobs and Parks & Rec forever!) and inside jokes. But for me, it’s always Meg. She’s the kindest, most caring, and genuine person I’ve ever met. I’ve had the great pleasure of introducing her to Jersey, being an auntie to her two gorgeous boys, and sharing some of my fondest memories with her. We had so many girls’ nights and game nights and food fests. Too many laughs to count! Then it was her turn to break my heart, when they moved home to Chicago. Luckily, we still get to see each other on my visits home and their visits here. I miss you guys every day. I love you, Meg! Oh, I almost forgot to mention our Twilight connection! I had Meg read this book too, and she raced right through it and loved Edward as much as I did. We went to the midnight showings of the movies and were laughing so hard that we were so old and these kids were so young, and we cringed in embarrassment at certain scenes but we loved every minute of it!


LAST LIGHT by M. Pierce

Last but not least on my list is Last Light by M. Pierce! If you’ve been following our blog, you know Night Owl by M. Pierce brought us Dirty Girls together! The Night Owl trilogy will always be on my favorite’s list. I’ll always be so thankful that I picked up that first book that brought this whole new book world to me. I’ve met so many wonderful people through this series. Last Light is so special to me because of the waiting. You know that anticipation for the next book? The hoping and wondering and d-y-i-n-g for it? By the time Last Light was being promoted, I had met my online book besties and we were all jonesing for Last Light! But one thing I’ve seen in this book world is how fickle these online friendships can be. People that you meet and think you have a connection with turn out to be someone you didn’t expect or didn’t really know in the first place. I wear my heart on my sleeve and am open to a fault, and I have learned some hard truths in this strange online world that sometimes feels like high school. Yet there’s a small group of people that I let in on my “real” life and have opened up my heart to them. Just like with meeting my “real life” besties, these girls have come to mean so much to me. I’d be lost without them!

The first person I connected to in this online world was Paula Dawn. We connected over Captive in the Dark and our love of Caleb, along with our love of Nate in Night Owl. Sure, sure, of course we loved Matt, but he was just SO moody at times. Nate was like this hopeful light in the middle of chaos. Paula charmed me with her wit, her fruit porn, her southern accent, her beautiful smile, and her laughter. She became my confidante, my bestie, my dance party sticker savior on dark days. I’d say it takes a while for Paula to let you in (she reminds me of Jill in that way), and I was so blessed when she opened up to me. I can and have told her anything and everything! I’m sure I’ve bored her to tears with mundane details about work and scandalized her with some of my more racy stories! Whenever something would happen in this sometimes crazy book world, she was the first person who’d hear, “OMG! You are not going to believe this!” Paula is loyal and caring and brilliant and beautiful and the best vault keeper. I’ll always cherish Paula as a dear friend who stood by me and had my back and showed me what loyalty was all about. I love you, Psuka. It’s funny that we’re both still here, but I miss you when life takes you away. I can’t wait to read your words and support you in all the things. I’ll always be your biggest fan. #corpse

Next up, I met my little Candi Kane! She appeared on the twitter scene with a jolt of fiery passion and humor and had me laughing so hard at her ACFs! She was so funny and always up for a joke or a laugh. I can always count on her to brighten up any day! We immediately bonded over our #GGWDs and our love of Da Bears and all things Chicago. Then I got to really know her, and had the pleasure of seeing what a warm and caring and generous person she is. She was the first person in this book world that I met in person. She’s beautiful inside and out and we clicked instantly! I knew what we had was for keeps! She’s grown to be like a sister to me, my bestie, my little ass kicker and name taker, my larger than life, loving friend that will do anything for you. If you’re blessed enough to have her in your life, she’ll have your back and meet you at the bike rack. Any time. Any place. She is always here for me, and I know that all I have to do is send a text or message or make a call and she’s by my side. Plus, I’ve been so happy to watch her grow into this amazing career woman in the book industry. Don’t let her ACF or “blonde” moments fool you. She’s one of the smartest women I know and can and will run circles around the best of them. I’m so proud of you! You’re my sunshine! I love you, Sheti!

Now that I’ve talked about my beautiful Dirty Girls, I need to talk about my Jen Mc., hen, jan, ken! We met and bonded over Night Owl but that grew into private chats and instant chemistry. We had so many things to talk about and so many things in common! I grew to love her insanely, and I still do. I love that Jen is so real. What you see is what you get with Jen. She’s not hiding anything or pretending to be someone she’s not. She’s down to earth and intelligent and beautiful and hilarious! When we finally got to meet in person in Vegas in 2014, it was magic! I know Jen will be a friend for life, and I’ll always cherish our friendship, our laughs, our chats, and our vaults. I know we can go several days or even a few weeks without chatting privately, but the minute we do, we pick right back up. You’ve always been there for me for everything. I’m so lucky to have you! You’re a rock star, and your laugh will make anyone have a better day. I love you, Jen! I can’t wait to see your face next month.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading! Go give your bestie a hug or drop her a line.