Are you ready?! Are you ready for #GameOfThrones?! Are you ready for the second annual Dirty Laundry Review recaps?!

We are SO excited to announce that Kayti McGee will be reprising her role as Drunk Cersei with her SRSLY CERSEI recaps!! We also have another #GoT lover joining in the fun this season! J.R. Gray will be recapping as Jaime! We can’t wait to see what he does with our dreamy Jaime!

While spring is in the air throughout the country all we really care about is #WinterIsComing. Oh #GameOfThrones, we barely survived the long cold winter without you! We are so happy you’re almost back!

Be sure to tune in to season 6 of #GoT this Sunday on April 24th! Recaps will appear on Monday or Tuesday following the episode.

Which burning questions will be answered?! Is Jon Snow dead or alive? What will happen to the Khaleesi with the Dothraki? Where will Sansa end up? Will Cersei get her revenge on the High Sparrow and that “shaming” nun lady? Will Tyrion rule Meereen and handle the dragons? Will Missandei and Grey Worm finally rub heads? Will Arya get her eyesight back? Do we finally get to see Bran and Hodor again? Will Jaime still be in that sexy leather shirt? SUH many questions!

Do you need a refresher on what happened last season? Check out our recaps!





Game of Thrones is Coming

Week 1:

Game of Thrones Recap: Week One

Week 2:

Game of Thrones Recap: Week Two

Week 3:

Game of Thrones Recap: Week 3

Week 4:

Game of Thrones Recap: Week Four

Week 5:

Game of Thrones Recap: Week Five

Week 6:

Game of Thrones Recap: Week Six

Week 7:

Game of Thrones Recap: Week Seven

Week 8:

Game of Thrones Recap: Week Eight

Week 9:

Game of Thrones Recap: Week Nine

Week 10:

Game of Thrones Recap: Week 10



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